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Yellow circular logo of the Irish Diaspora Decolonization Alliance - Bay Area featuring three stylized black salmon circling a green and black Celtic triskele symbol.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Irish Diaspora Decolonization Alliance – Bay Area (IDDA-BA) is to build an Irish political, cultural, social, and educational community in the Bay Area and beyond, united by anti-racism, socialism, feminism, LGBTQ++ liberation, accessibility, climate emergency and sixth mass extinction activism, and dedicated to the decolonization of peoples and living beings in all lands where Irish people reside.

A wall in Maddens Bar, Berry Street, Belfast City Centre, featuring a portrait collage of modern Irish heroes including Roger Casement, James Connolly, Che Guevara, Mairéad Farrell, and the ten men who died on hunger strike in 1981. (Photo: M. Horton, 2014)

Points Of Unity

A. End Racism in all places where Irish people reside
B. End State enforced Gender and Sex essentialism
C. End Ableism
D. End Capitalism
E. Build environmental sustainability and justice
F. Free all political prisoners and end mass incarceration
G. Refugees welcome in Ireland and Diasporic communities
H. While IDDA-BA as an organization is committed to non-violent forms of resistance, we will not dictate methods of resistance for oppressed peoples.

A section of a mural painted by Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth (HOMEY) in the San Francisco Mission District depicting Palestinian people of various ages breaking through a wall. The wall has aerosol art images on it and lists the names of many nations and peoples including Ohlone, Aztlan, Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, Roma, Maori, East Timor, Afrika, Afrikan Diaspora, Philippines, Moro, Chamoru, and Ireland. (Photo: M. Horton, 2016)

Specific Statements of Support & Solidarity

We recognize and support self-determination for all colonized and racially oppressed peoples, including 1. Éire (Ireland) and its Diaspora, 2. Our ‘Celtic’ cousins, 3. Colonized people across ‘Europe’, 4. Africa and its Diaspora, 5. Indigenous nations and national liberation movements throughout the ‘Western Hemisphere’ 6. Indigenous peoples and national liberation struggles in Oceania, 7. Indigenous peoples and national liberation struggles in Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA), 8. Indigenous peoples and national liberation struggles in South, Central, and East Asia, and 9. China and its Diaspora.